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Static guard services is typically a combination of stationary Guard Services and foot patrol services and can be provided for a variety of types of jobsites. Static security is often provided for property checks, industrial yards, warehouses, appartment security, hotel security, construction sites, schools, office buildings, almost anywhere a human element is required. A professionally uniformed guard is the first clear visual deterrent for crime. All guards at Titan follow the full employment standard dress codes, safety codes, and are provided their own PPE for construction sites which include: Hard hats, safety gloves, steel toes work shoes, sealed safety goggles, hearing protection, reflective security guard safety vests, and respiratory masks.

Titans' agents use online reporting and clients have access to reports through their own free online account. As each job site is unique, services will be tailored to the exact requirements of the job site and of the clients preferences.

Concierge security services, leisure centre security, recreation centre security, front desk security, hotel security, mall security, apartment security, industrial security, construction security, number one security company



Titans' concierge services are tailored to the precise necessities of the client. Guards are professionally outfitted in Titan's high quality uniforms or alternatively a business suit and tie with lapel security tag.  Agents will perform a range of tasks as per the proponents' requisites. Concierge services include, but are not limited to:

  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Telephone reception and booking duties
  • Maintaining detailed online guard reports
  • Providing online incident reports
  • Hourly interior and exterior patrol
  • Maintenance and boiler room checks
  • Fire safety checks
  • Site hazard inspection reports
  • Key transfers
  • Acting as an information liaison



Titan SGS provides specialized services specific to the needs of each individual and unique location and circumstance. Services are broken down into general categories. However, Titan SGS caters to the individual client by tailoring services based on the clients own requirements. Let Titan SGS elevate your security services

Dark smoke
Firewatch Security, reliable security, professional security guard, uniformed security guard, document security guard



Often fire watch is a last minute requirement. Preferred vendors  book with only a few short hours of notice. Titan's guards maintain an online report detailed log of their patrol, and the client has full access to view reports live through their free online account. Guards will also maintain a hard copy fire safety log on premises if required by the fire marshal.

Foot patrol security, apartment security, hotel security, door security, best security



Titans' security agents provide static guards who perform foot patrols for apartment complexes, malls, parking lots, warehouses, industrial yards, essentially any building type.  Using  our App on their cell phones, guards provide detailed reports of all rounds/tours and anything deemed unusual or interesting acting as the eyes and ears of the client and their staff. The client has full access to these reports in real time. Also available is GPS route tracking. Titan can set up markers called NFC tags, at specific checkpoints around the site to the clients' specifications. The guard is then required to scan the NFC tag as they pass that checkpoint. This route is then viewable for verification to the client online.

Hospital security, clinic security, pandemic security guard, health services security guard



Pandemic control has a wide range of needs. Titans' security guards are versed and experienced in dealing with the public with the challenges faced through the COVID-19 pandemic. Every client has typical common, and yet sometimes unique requirements, that must be dealt with for each site. Titans' management works hands on with the client ahead of time to ensure we encompass all avenues of foreseeable issues prior to any job. Management will then visit the site to follow up and ensure all needs are being met, meet with the client to ensure they are satisfied with the safety protocols in place, and meet with the security agents to confirm that all measures are fulfilling safety standards. Working as a team is the best line of defense before engaging and after fully operating.

Neighbourhood security watch, security guard services, community hall security guard services, service station security guard services, convenience store security guard services



It's no secret that crime is at an all time high. It comes in all shapes and sizes but when our homes and families are in jeopardy having the added comfort of a security agent in the area for a quicker response time, immediate action, is often an unmeasurable  comfort. Especially if you're not home to be there for your family yourself. Gathering together as a community to provide a neighborhood security guard is more viable than you would think. A direct phone number can be provided for your guard so that you may contact them directly with any concern for instant personal service. From noise complaints, suspicious activities, to homeless loitering, and so much more, all issues will be logged onto detailed online reports. The community league will have instant online access to these reports and then be able to download them and post the reports to their own website, email them or print them for members to view.

Loss prevention security guard services, store security guard, anti-theft security guard, convenience store security, mall security guard services



A guard is the first clear visual deterrent for crime. All guards at Titan follow the full employment standard dress codes. Elevate your security with the professionalism of a stationary guard who is trained to anticipate, predict, profile, and be proactive in loss prevention. Your guard can alternate between uniform and undercover to optimize performance and work in tandem with your monitoring system to minimize asset loss. All incident cases are logged into online reports with pictures of the perpetrators for future reference for guards and staff. The client has online access to the reports live and can download them immediately to be emailed or to print them in PDF.

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